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Principal's Message


Message from the Principal

Dr. Tammy F. Martin

Fairfield Elementary School

Fairfield Elementary School House Crest

It is my pleasure to serve as the instructional leader of the Stellar Stingray Family.  Over the years, Fairfield Elementary School has achieved many milestones that have contributed to our positive school culture and climate.  Fairfield Elementary School is a great place to learn and grow! Our students are bright, innovative, and ready to learn each day. As a result, we will continue to shine bright.

I am so proud of the many ways we embrace our students to show them that they can maximize their potential to become the very best that they can be.  For the 2018-209 school year, our theme is “Doing the HEART Work!” We know and understand that our students are the HEARTBEAT of the school. It takes every one of us to commit to helping each one of our students reach their academic and personal goals.  The “H” is for High Expectations, “E” is for Exemplary Lessons and teaching, “A” is for Activating Strategies, “R” is for Rigor in the Content, and “T” is for Teaching with Intention. We understand that before a child can learn, we have to make sure that their social and emotional needs are met.  We teach the heart of our students.

Our school embraces the many opportunities that we provide to our students to help them develop life-long guidelines and life skills.  In building collaboration and building a sense of pride, we have developed the “House” model which allows students to work as a team for the overall success of our school.  Students look forward to Roll Call each day and it gets them excited about beginning the day. Students have the opportunity to work together and have friendly competitions throughout the year both academically and athletically.  

  • House of Sashakt represents Royal Blue and means to empower.  Its origin is Hindi.
  • House of Verdad represents Purple and means truth.  Its origin is Spanish.
  • House of Odvaha represents Black and means courage.  Its origin is Czech.
  • House of Cuore represents Red and means heart.  Its origin is Italian.

Lastly, I am so proud of the opportunities we provide at Fairfield Elementary School which include the following:

  • Flag Team, WFES News Show Crew, Radiant Rays, Pageant Committee, Reading Rays, In-School Tutoring, Girls in PEARLS, Extra Mile Club, Robo Rays, and many other exciting learning opportunities.

We thank each of you for your support of the Stellar Stingray family.  As we move forward, I welcome the opportunity to discuss ways that we can continue to Shine Bright.