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Collage of Fairfield Elementary Media Center and some of the books available at the center

Ms. McKnight, Media Specialist
Mrs. Robertson, Media Center Assistant
Summer is almost here and everyone is ready for a well-deserved vacation. While summer is a time of rest and relaxation, please keep in mind that in order to keep your child’s reading level current, he/she should continue to practice reading over the summer.
Fairfield County School District had many reading initiatives this school year. Students showed much progress. To continue this high level of improvement, we will continue our mandatory district-wide summer reading assignments. All students will be required to meet the summer reading requirements for their 2020-2021 grade level.
    1. Review the Book Report Scoring Rubric for scoring information.
    2. Read 2 books. The book provided is a choice for summer reading but is not a mandatory read.
    3. Complete the 2 Book Reports.
The last day that assignments will be accepted is Friday, September 25, 2020. Any student who does not submit a summer reading assignment by September 25, 2020, will not receive credit for summer reading in ELA for the first nine weeks. Each book will count 50 percent of one test grade. This is the first reading test grade that students will earn for the 2020-2021 school year.
Attached is a copy of the grade level summer reading Book Report and Rubric. Your child will receive these documents along with the free book provided by the Fairfield County School District Office. This information may also be found on each school’s website, in the office area of each school, and at the Fairfield County Public Library.
The Fairfield County Public Library will have access to the Reading Counts program. Students are encouraged to take Reading Counts quizzes over the summer. The lists are available on each school’s website using the QuizList link. Please use the resources available to you at the Fairfield County Public Library. Your child may choose anything to read, fiction or nonfiction, within his/her reading range. Please feel free to call your area school with questions and/or concerns.
Websites and Telephone Numbers:
FCSD: https://www.fairfield1.org/ - (803) 635-4607
Fairfield Elementary: https://fes.fairfield1.org/ - (803) 635-5594
Fairfield Magnet School for Math & Science: https://fmsms.fairfield1.org/ - (803) 635-4810
Geiger Elementary: https://ges.fairfield1.org/ - (803) 337-8288
Kelly Miller Elementary: https://kmes.fairfield1.org/ - (803) 635-2961
McCrorey-Liston: https://mlst.fairfield1.org/ - (803) 635-9490
Have a wonderful READING summer!